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The Project Sao dubbed "La Perche D'espoire" was founded in 2011 by Rassem Tamdji and Djimadibet Jean Eudes as a community-
based humanitarian organization. Its mission is to protect and give guidance to the children of the streets, orphans.
(Sa mission est de promouvoir la protection des droits des enfants de la rue) It also provides resources,
and provides direct person-to-person assistance
when such assistance is not available through governmental or other
non-governmental channels.

La Perche D'espoire relies entirely on private donations from individuals and
businesses to perform its activities . Djimadibet Jean Eudes
is leading the Project Sao CAFE that will be
in effect as an income generating project for La Perche D'espoire.
It will provide employment opportunities for the people of the region
Project Sao CAFE visitors will be able to enjoy healthy lunches,
delicious pastry and cakes, or use of high speed internet.
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